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As Flu Season Continues, PMH Medical Center Offers Prevention and Recovery Reminders to Community

February 1, 2018

PMH Medical Center reports continued widespread flu activity – a trend mirrored across the country, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With eight to ten weeks of flu season still remaining, PMH Medical Center provides the following guidelines for the local community.

“Like much of the country, we’ve seen an increase in influenza (flu) diagnoses this year,” PMH Medical Center Emergency Department Physician Jacobo Rivero, MD said. “Our team has done a great job caring for patients, but with a couple of months of flu season remaining, we encourage our community members to continue to take steps to stay healthy or, if already diagnosed, to take steps to get well.”

Individuals should take the following steps to decrease their chance of getting the flu:

–        Get the flu shot.

–        Avoid contact with those who are sick.

–        Regularly wash your hands and disinfect surfaces.

–        Practice good health habits including getting adequate sleep, drinking plenty of fluids, managing stress, eating healthy foods and participating in regular physical activity.

If already diagnosed with the flu, the following is recommended:

–        Take antiviral drugs as prescribed by doctor, or a recommended dose of Tylenol, ibuprofen, or other over-the-counter medicine.

–        Hydrate – drink plenty of water.

–        Stay home and rest.

–        If you need to be outside home or in a public place, wear a mask.

–        Regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

“With increased cases, we’ve also seen an influx of returning patients – those who have already been diagnosed with the flu in the emergency department or a clinic but who then return a day or two later seeking additional diagnoses,” Dr. Rivero said. “Time and following the noted recovery tips, not additional visits, are the best and quickest way to getting well for most people. A follow-up visit is encouraged when your symptoms worsen, you have difficulty keeping food and fluids down or you have a persistent fever two to three days after your initial flu diagnosis.”

To schedule an appointment with a provider or for more information regarding the flu, call PMH Family Medicine – Prosser at 509-786-1576 or PMH Family Medicine – Benton City at 509-588-4075.