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PMH Opens Comprehensive Pain Management Clinic, Welcomes Physiatrist John Groner, MD

March 7, 2018

PMH Medical Center has opened PMH Pain Clinic in Benton City to provide comprehensive pain management care in one clinical setting. John Groner, MD – a board-certified physiatrist with nearly a decade of experience – recently joined PMH and will lead the integrated healthcare team in diagnosing and treating a variety of pain and health conditions at the clinic.

“This PMH clinic offers a truly comprehensive approach to pain management. We provide a range of services to help determine the root cause of one’s pain and provide the best treatment,” Dr. Groner said.

Located at 701 Dale Ave., Ste. A, Benton City – adjacent to the PMH Family Medicine Clinic – the PMH Pain Clinic includes physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational medicine, medication management, chiropractic care and behavioral health services.

“As a physiatrist, I specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation for individuals who have been disabled or are dealing with pain due to disease, injury or illness. My advanced training is necessary to accurately diagnose and then direct a patient’s care to address the pain,” Dr. Groner said. “Far too often, an individual’s healthcare is piecemealed together, leading to confusion, ineffective treatment, additional expense and frustration for them,” Dr. Groner said. “With our forward-thinking and patient-centered care approach at PMH Pain Clinic, individuals receive the honest, personalized and most effective care they need in one place.”

Prior to joining PMH Medical Center, Dr. Groner worked at hospitals and pain centers in both Washington and Oregon. Dr. Groner earned his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine, and he completed a residency in internal medicine at the University of Oklahoma; a residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Medical College of Wisconsin; and a fellowship in pain management at the University of Pittsburgh.

“Dr. Groner has a passion for helping patients improve their quality of life. We are excited to have his knowledge and enthusiasm at PMH and give patients across our region access to much-needed pain management care,” PMH CEO Craig Marks said.

Patients are encouraged to talk to their primary care provider about a referral to the PMH Pain Clinic. Individuals may also call the PMH Pain Clinic at 509-588-4075 to schedule an appointment or visit www.pmhmedicalcenter.com for more information.


Pictured: Physiatrist John Groner, MD