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PMH Medical Center is Now Prosser Memorial Health

May 7, 2018

PMH Medical Center announces organization name change to Prosser Memorial Health
Newly launched brand identity reflects system’s growing services, commitment to community

PROSSER, Wash. (May 7, 2018) – PMH Medical Center has changed its organizational name to Prosser Memorial Health, introducing an updated organization brand that best reflects and encompasses the growing healthcare system’s comprehensive services while recognizing its community roots.

“Originally named in memory of World War II veterans and with community at its center, Prosser Memorial Health has a rich history,” Prosser Memorial Health CEO Craig Marks said. “The brand change both connects to our roots and reflects the continued increase of comprehensive healthcare services, providers and technology available to those we serve.”

The change became official following a favorable vote at the March 2018 Prosser Memorial Health Board of Commissioners regular meeting. This was preceded by conversation and feedback from patients, local residents, employees and other community stakeholders in 2017 and 2018.

The logo features the letter “P” to stand for Prosser, and the six of them in the logo reflects the organization’s six Pillars of Excellence and organizational values. Their circular placement signifies momentum and forward motion, as the health system continues to add services, providers and advancements to best serve its patients and communities. A sun can be found in the negative space – or white center – of the logo, reflective of the region’s climate and touted 300-plus days of sunshine a year.

Each of the organization’s service locations will include the Prosser Memorial name:

  • The overarching organization name is now Prosser Memorial Health.
  • PMH Medical Center (hospital-specific facility) is now Prosser Memorial Hospital.
  • PMH Surgical Group is now Prosser Specialty Clinic – Prosser Memorial Health.
  • PMH Family Medicine – Prosser is now Prosser Clinic – Prosser Memorial Health.
  • PMH Family Medicine – Benton City is now Benton City Clinic – Prosser Memorial Health.
  • PMH Pain Clinic is now Comprehensive Pain Management Clinic – Prosser Memorial Health.
  • PMH Physical Therapy and Rehab is now Prosser Therapy Services – Prosser Memorial Health.

Future healthcare sites and services will reflect the Prosser Memorial Health brand accordingly as well.

For more than 70 years, the organization has been dedicated to improving the health of local communities by providing exceptional healthcare services and technology to residents across the Valley.

Prosser Memorial Health patients and the community should expect full organization name updates (on bills, statements, exterior signage, etc.) to be complete over the coming weeks.