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New Wireless Fetal Monitoring at PMH Offers Mothers and Babies Added Comfort and Safety

June 5, 2018

Aimed at increasing comfort, mobility and of expectant mothers during their labor and delivery process, Prosser Memorial Hospital (PMH) Family Birthplace now offers wireless fetal monitoring. PMH is the first hospital in the region to offer this technology to patients.

“The health, safety and comfort of mothers and their babies are top priority at PMH Family Birthplace,” PMH Family Birthplace Manager Cindy Raymond, RN, said. Since wireless fetal monitoring enhances movement and comfort for the mother during the labor and delivery process, it allows us to continuously and accurately monitor the baby’s heart rate, maternal heart rate and uterine contractions non-invasively.”

The system – the LaborView Wireless Electrode System – is a strapless external monitoring device that attaches to the center of the maternal abdomen via adhesive patches. With no cables, straps or bulky machines, expectant mothers are able to comfortably walk around and change positions independently.

“With this system, we are able to continuously monitor maternal progress as laboring mothers are walking around and changing positions without any disruption of the tracings,” Raymond said.

The device is available for all expectant mothers while at PMH and has been shown to perform best on mothers with higher BMIs, which can be a challenge when utilizing traditional monitoring systems.

In addition to new wireless fetal monitoring technology and regular labor and delivery services, PMH Family Birthplace offers childbirth education courses, newborn infant hearing screenings, and lactation support. Primary delivering physicians at PMH include Brian Sollers, DO; Lisa Galbraith, DO; Derek Weaver, DO; and Wali Martin, MD.