Searching for a Job in Healthcare?

We’re currently looking for talented, kind, and motivated team members to fill a variety of healthcare jobs.

Qualities of Successful Employees

We love spirited individuals who can bring their unbridled enthusiasm every single day. They can make a world of difference in the lives of patients and colleagues.

What's in it for you?

A career at Prosser Memorial Health is a career with great reward. Between our array of perks, the support of a wonderful local community, and a superb quality of life, you will discover deep satisfaction living and working here.

Prosser Memorial Health | This is How We Care

Leaders in Healthcare

We are not a massive healthcare giant in a bustling city. However, we sure act like one. Prosser Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed facility, providing first-class healthcare to our tight-knit community in southeastern Washington. There’s no need for our community members to travel far for their medical needs. Whether it's acute care at our hospital, specialty surgery services at our new surgery center, or primary care at one of our local clinics, we have the capacity and the passion to provide comprehensive care, close to home.

Prosser Memorial Health | This is How We Care

Growing Health System

Each and every day, we continue to grow with new services, new people, and new technology. We are always strategically expanding and improving our facilities. As we identify the important needs of our community members, we change and grow in order to serve them as best as possible.

Values-Driven Organization

At Prosser Memorial Health, we know the importance of being rooted in timeless values that underlie and drive the direction of all of our work. Here, we ASPIRE (Accountability, Service, Promote Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, and Excellence) and seek top talent who not only demonstrate clinical or professional expertise in their respective field, but who also live and breathe such values. In healthcare, it makes all of the difference.