Prosser Memorial: Providing Exceptional Medical Care Since 1947 We have a long history serving the Prosser community, and we’re just getting started.

Like any number of community-based hospitals, Prosser Memorial Health grew out of a need for the immediate availability of local medical care. 

In 1945, after years of intense community-led fundraising, construction crews broke ground on the 19-bed facility. Two years later, on December 26, 1947, Prosser Memorial Hospital opened, dedicated to the memory and service of veterans of World War II. 

As the years passed, Prosser Memorial Hospital continued to grow. In 1952, a new medical wing was added and in the intervening years, our scope of care expanded even further to include family medicine, advanced surgical care, laboratory and diagnostic testing, radiology, obstetrics, and emergency care.

What started out as a modest, small-town hospital has grown into a community-focused center for exceptional medical care that serves thousands of patients every year. And we’re not done growing. We’re constantly adding new providers and specialties and expanding access to primary care, so the residents of Prosser and the surrounding communities can continue to get easy access to first-class healthcare—with a local touch.   

Prosser Memorial Health | This is How We Care

This is how we grow.

A lot has changed in the past 70 years. We now serve much more than 19 patients at a time. We have clinics and outpatient facilities and surgical suites. Even our name is different. But what hasn’t changed after all this time is our commitment to you, our friends and neighbors—a commitment to provide no less than the highest level of healthcare around.