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Community Paramedic Program

Our Community Paramedic Program is a unique program that utilizes specially trained individuals to provide home visits in western Benton County and the Lower Yakima Valley for patients at high risk for complications after a recent illness, injury, or medical procedure.  

Bridging the Gap Between Home and Hospital


If you've recently been hospitalized for an illness, injury, or medical procedure, odds are it may take some time for you to get back to normal. We know it’s not always easy for people to travel for follow up visits, so we designed the community paramedic program to provide important recovery care to people at higher risk for complications. 

The Community Paramedic Program is just one of many ways Prosser Memorial Health is improving the health of our community. This program:

  • Provides Care for Our Most Vulnerable Citizens

    by providing better care through additional monitoring and education. 

  • Promotes Health & Wellness

    by identifying conditions before they become a crisis.

  • Helps Lower Healthcare Costs

    with medication review, reinforcement of provider instructions, and disease education that collectively help prevent hospital readmissions.

  • Ensures Healthy Living Arrangements

    through regular assessments of patients' living situations and referral to community resources.

  • Eliminates Barriers to Care

    by encouraging follow up and addressing factors that might prevent it.

What are some examples of patients that community paramedics see?

Community Paramedics are capable of seeing most any type of patients, both adults and children. Common visits include patients with congestive heart failure and patients who have had a stroke or a recent surgical procedure.

What training does a community paramedic have?

Community paramedics are the same paramedics you might call for an emergency health situation. They have been trained and certified to meet the high demands of the job and in providing care to those who aren't able to travel during their down times—one of the many ways we help our community. 


How do I enroll in the Community Paramedic Program?

Talk to your provider about a referral to the Community Paramedic Program or call 509-786-4669 for more information.

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