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Health Occupations Course

We help high school students get first-hand knowledge and hands-on experience in a variety of healthcare-related jobs. 

PMH Health Career High School Program For Students Interested in Careers in Healthcare

The Health Occupations Course is a partnership between Prosser Memorial Health and Prosser School District. This year-long course is for selected high school seniors who are interested in pursuing health-related careers or have general healthcare and wellness interests.

Through experimental, observational, and traditional classroom learning, students are exposed to the many aspects and features of healthcare. Students spend four days a week in rotations in different PMH departments—shadowing doctors, observing surgeries firsthand, and riding along on EMS/ambulance calls, to name a few.

The other day of the week is spent in classroom-style learning with lessons focusing on everything from anatomy to CPR and nutrition. This combination of textbook and hands-on learning gives students additional knowledge to support their rotation experience. 

Helping students attain:

  • Firsthand experience in a variety of healthcare settings

  • Valuable skills they can carry into their future careers

  • Knowledge that sets the ground work for future education

How can a high school student enroll in the Health Occupations Program?

Our Health Occupations Program is eligible to high school seniors in the Prosser School District. Students must apply, go through an interview process, and be accepted in order to participate. 

What kind of real-world skills do students learn in this course?

In addition to textbook knowledge and valuable hands-on experience, students also enhance their overall skills through activities such as public speaking, interviewing, and resume writing.

Can students unsure of their future career path participate in this program?

If a student has interest in health, wellness, or careers in healthcare, he or she may participate in the Health Occupations Course Program. Through this program, we hope to engage a new generation in the exciting field of health and wellness.

Prosser Memorial Health | This is How We Care

This is how we inspire.

At Prosser Memorial Health, we love to see young people passionate about health and healthcare. We also like to hire from within our community to support the local economy. With our Health Occupations Program, we hope to inspire the young people in our community to seek careers in healthcare—and hopefully one day, a job with Prosser Memorial Health.