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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Creating a healthier community begins with you, and Prosser Memorial Health can help you on your weight loss journey. 

A Comprehensive Diet and Lifestyle Change Program No More Fad Diets!

Ideal Protein is not a diet. It’s a science-backed lifestyle change supported by our devoted coaches. You'll get meal suggestions that allow you to choose foods that taste good to you, and online coaching to see you through the entire process. We'll help you overcome your weight loss challenges, provide dietary tips, and demonstrate recipes you can make at home.

In addition to our excellent adjustment services that optimize your body functions and nervous system, we are proud to be an Independent Authorized Clinic carrying the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol method and products.

Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is...

  • Dedicated coaches providing weekly support sessions and ongoing education

  • Developed and endorsed by medical doctors

  • Supported by comprehensive guidelines and tools

  • A flexible plan with personalized, ongoing support

  • A medically derived, four-phase, easy-to-follow protocol that helps you maintain lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and learn how to keep the pounds off forever

Finally, a weight loss program that works!

This simple program provides you with the tools, guidance, and hope you need to help you change your lifestyle. It’s a commitment to eating healthy, to being healthy.

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What can I expect when I begin the Ideal Protein Program?

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing two essential components for healthier living: weight loss and education. Once in the program, a personal coach provides support and encouragement to assist you in meeting your goals. And perhaps most importantly, your coach is there to make sure you stay motivated and maintain your results after your weight loss. 

Is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program healthy?

Unlike many fad diets and trends, the Ideal Protein Program is backed by science and supported by nutritionists and other healthcare professionals. One-on-one coaching ensures you are following the guidelines correctly and that your personal health considerations are taken into account. 

Is exercise incorporated into this program?

While Ideal Protein is largely focused on diet and nutrition, our coaches do recommend low to moderate levels of exercise when you are first beginning the program. Your coach will work with you to determine at what point you may begin or resume a more rigorous exercise regimen. 

Celebrating Weight Loss Success See How Ideal Protein Has Changed Lives



“I drove past the sign many times but said "I don't need help", "I cannot afford to spend money again to lose weight", "some people are just fat", "it's too late in life to worry about it." One day just after the birth of my grandson the equation changed. I want to be able to hold him and walk with him and play and take walks and explore. I want to be able to get down on the floor and back up again!  That afternoon I made the call and set up an appointment for the same day. I met my coach, Kristal, and took home a bag of  Ideal protein products beginning the journey of a lifetime. I love getting together with family and friends, dancing, hiking, volunteering, walking and most importantly being with my grandson!  I want this to last as long as possible!  Now I know how to do it, I know Kristal will support me, and there is no doubt that I can maintain...after trying and "failing" countless other times in my life.  It gives you a plan with flexibility and even videos via your email (I am on my second time around and still learning)!”



“Ideal Protein was the only program that worked for me.  It changed my life!  Going through menopause was hard and it caused me to gain weight.  No matter what I did to try to lose weight, I would keep gaining weight.  I was 35 pounds overweight and gaining more, on thyroid medicine, couldn’t sleep and my muscles all over my body ached.  I felt awful all day.  Starting the program was fairly easy.  I was amazed that on day 4 of starting the program how my body aches quit and I was sleeping better.  After two weeks on Ideal Protein, I had the routine down.  I was losing weight and was feeling better.    It took me about three months to lose 35 pounds.  I went from a size 12/14 to a 4/6.  I am so thankful for ideal Protein for what it did for me and for how the maintenance plan helps me to keep it off.  I have regained my health and my life is better for it.   I now have the energy to do all the things I want to do. "


“Ideal protein works! It is easy to follow since it is very formulaic and you're not carb or calorie counting. As a working mom, I needed that simplicity. I also have found Ideal Protein has been workable with my family and lifestyle. I originally thought it would be difficult to balance losing weight with the nutritional needs of my family. Things have become easier. You'll be on your way to your goals once you find how Ideal Protein fits with your lifestyle and how well it works.”


“Over 3 months into my Ideal Protein journey I am enjoying positive changes I did not anticipate.  Even before I had lost my first 5 pounds I began enjoying more energy and stopped feeling sleepy in the afternoon.  I have learned to enjoy feeling satisfied after a healthy meal  instead of uncomfortable and stuffed.  And the daily pain I had from both heartburn and chronic sciatica have completely resolved.  What was once just a weight loss goal has morphed into a commitment to eat healthy to be healthy!  I’m making changes for life!”



Part 1

I've always struggled with weight all my life. Born and raised in Southern California, the stigma that obese, hefty people just ate for whatever reasons and didn't care of their health and well being was evident. That people should look a certain way, live a certain lifestyle and being under the microscope, scrutinized for how you lived your life, with snide remarks or being stared at just made you want to throw away the key to life and avoid the general public all together. After quitting my job in outdoor advertising, I found myself at a chapter in my life that I wanted to have a change. A different view on life and having high hopes of starting somewhere new and unknown to me. Having traveled all over the country, meeting different people, temporarily living in different places away from home for days, weeks or even months at a time. Allowed me to leave the concrete jungle of big city life, and venture off into small town America.



Part 2

I got to the point that my mother would worry about me. Wanting me to go and see a doctor. Which I hadn't done in many years except to do a physical check up every 2 years for my previous employer to be able to get clearance for DOT license.

One morning I woke up, my left side of my body was bigger than the right side. I wasn't sure what had happened. I didn't know what was causing it. I got worried. My parents worried for my health. Finally I decided to go to PMH clinic. I rode in the back of a minivan because I couldn't sit on the seat. I was cargo covered up in the back just to get to the clinic. I had to use the wheelchair just to get into the clinic for my first appointment. Things turned for the worst after my consultation that day.

My blood oxygen saturation was low. My lips where a shade of blue. I couldn't walk a long distance without getting winded. I ended up at the ER minutes later and spent many hours laying down as the doctors tried to figure out what was going on with my oxygen saturation. ER doctor finally said I needed to go to KADLEC. In the ambulance I was not knowing what was going to happen.  I hit rock bottom. The lowest loneliest point in my life.

At KADLEC, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I had fluid in my lungs and my body was retaining water. My skin at my belly was “weeping”. It wasn't sweat just water escaping through the pores. Weight was the main culprit. I was my own downfall for what had happened to me. I couldn't blame anyone else but myself.



Part 3

Weeks passed by at KADLEC's ICU. Discussions of gastric bypass was mentioned. I considered it but per-requisites I needed to do before the procedure was approved, plus it would be up to a few months to a year before that would happened if that was the route that had to be taken. It was brought up because I needed to lose weight in order for things to improve. Finally I was discharged. I was given medication to take. Never in my life was I prescribed medication. I was also prescribed with a sleep apnea machine and was also placed on oxygen. I had to walk with oxygen attached to me. I couldn't believe it. I associated those who had oxygen with them to be weak and fragile. Now, I was one of them.

Losing weight after being discharged was a daunting task. At PMH, my doctor introduced me to Ideal Protein. I came across Krystal. I was bombarded with information. Overwhelmed at first, I figured that I could lose the weight on my own. I had lost weight before at my own pace after being discharged. So I thought to myself “I will just have to deal with it on my own”. After discussing the pros and cons with my family and briefly describing how the protocol worked. I made the decision to start Ideal Protein.

 Krystal sat with me at PMH. We talked briefly of how I got to the point that I was at. Emotions on my end ran high. Sitting there with tears flowing down my face. I was opening up to someone whom I had only met once before. I am a very private person. I am not the type to be flaunting things for everyone to know. The only people who knew my true struggle were my parents and sisters.



Part 4

After agreeing to start Ideal Protein, I thought that it might be just like another “diet” that are advertised on TV or social media. Not every diet is for everyone and each of their results would vary. “This is not a diet” Krystal says, “It's a new lifestyle for you”. She smiled at me and listened to my story.

Ketosis, a term that had been described to me sounded very promising. “Let your body burn its own fat, just follow the protocol. It's a lifestyle change so don't see it as a diet”. Choosing foods that appealed to your pallet, was counter intuitive at first. You get to eat a type of rice crispy square and chips plus other choices. How is this healthy? I thought to myself. I didn't want to know the exact science behind it all. Just tell me what to do and I will try my best to my abilities to follow as I'm told. I also had to write what I was eating. The “Daily Food Journal” was shown to me. Write down what I am eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Taking the supplements as directed plus any prescriptions. Now I had to start to eat more. Yes, eat more. Before I would only have 2 meals a day. Sometimes 3. But eating 6 times a day plus drinking water, (yes I know my body was retaining water so now I have to drink more water than before? The key is portion size. Also no carbs or fruits. I love breads and pastas plus having fruit!!! Now I can't none of that but it's only a temporary set back.) Doesn't make sense at first but slowly your brain and body will catch on. On top of that, I also started Physical Therapy. I needed to lose weight.



Part 5

Bi-weekly meetings with Krystal at PMH started. For me to pick up IP food, but also to talk about how I was feeling, being weighed and measure, and to discuss any symptoms that my body would go through since changes where happening because of IP protocol. Let's not forget about picture taking. Oh so fun that is. I also watch coaching videos online. They inform you of how things will change for you. Give you tips and show you recipes that you can make at home. So you have plenty of variety in your protocol.

Spending an hour at Physical Therapy, then doing 15 minutes or more, of exercise the days that I don't go to PT was the routine. I don't spend hours and hours at a time exercising. I need to pace myself. Remember I need oxygen. I'm doing a marathon. Not a dash to this lifestyle change. Slowly bur surely things have gotten way better. The pounds have shed off and the inches too. I'm having to think of getting a new wardrobe. My future life is looking good. A procedure is in my future. Not a gastric by-pass, but excess skin removal. I am looking forward to that.

IP Protocol, Krystal, Pamela (Primary Doctor) and many others whom I've come across have given me the tools, guidance and hope to change my lifestyle. To have a different outlook at life. Since that day I decided to join IP, I've never looked back. If I could have done it sooner, I would have jumped at that knowing and experiencing all the changes that have happened to me. I can honestly say that if I didn't, you might not be reading this. I owe my life to them. This chapter in my life will be over soon just for another better chapter to begin with a happy ending. 



Part 6

It is not easy nor an overnight magical pill. You just need determination and the will to better yourself. Temptation will always lurk out there. It is easy to just say “I can start tomorrow” or “I will join the gym”.  If you are busy, life can pass you by.  You will regret it. Even if it is to lose a few pounds or your lifestyle. IP Protocol can help you reach your goals. Have faith in yourself.

I hope this encourages you in some way, shape or form to take that step, accept that you need help. Everything will fall into place. Thank You for taking time to read this. I wish you the best.

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Reaching your weight loss goals is rarely easy, and making the results stick can be the toughest part. Our Ideal Protein weight loss program is designed to set you up for long term success. We know you can achieve your goals, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.