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Acute Care

Prosser Memorial Hospital is a licensed Critical Access Hospital with 25 beds dedicated to acute inpatient, obstetrics, and transitional care.

Patient-Centered Care for Short-Term Injury & Illness

Whether you’ve come down with a flu you just can’t kick or you’re recovering from major surgery, Prosser Memorial Hospital’s acute care services are here to get you back on your feet in no time. Our facility’s size and layout allow our highly trained staff to personally attend to individual patient needs and promote the peace of mind needed for rest and recuperation.

You might require acute inpatient care if:

  • You are recovering from a serious injury

  • You have a short-term disease or illness that cannot be managed at home

  • You are recovering from surgery

  • You have a medical condition that requires short-term hospitalization

Does acute care require a hospital stay?

When you visit our hospital for an acute medical condition or injury, we’ll assess your situation and decide on the best treatment. Sometimes that involves a hospital stay, and sometimes it doesn’t. You might be discharged with instructions to follow up with your general practitioner. If we feel your condition requires more specific care or regular monitoring, we’ll have you stay in the hospital until your condition improves.

What departments are involved in acute care?

Acute care covers many of the hospital’s departments, including: the emergency department, urgent care (clinics), obstetrics, surgery, and transitional care.

What makes a great acute care hospital?

A great acute care hospital is one that has a large, well-trained medical staff capable of handling a variety of medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries. In our more than 70 years of treating Prosser residents with acute medical conditions, we’ve seen just about everything and can provide the highest quality care close to home. 

child getting checked in a hospital bed

This is how we care.

Around here, caring means more than exceptional medical care at world-class facilities. Care goes beyond the doctor’s office, the hospital, or the HIPAA agreement. To us, care is personal—from the gut, and from the heart. It’s about coming together to mend spirits with personal connections every day.