Emergency Wait Time 5 Minutes

Emergency Wait Time 5 Minutes

Emergency Department

Minimal wait times, highly-skilled emergency physicians, and local access to great emergency care. That's what you can expect from Prosser Memorial Hospital's emergency room.

The Wayne Hogue Emergency Care Center A Level 4 Trauma Center

When you need expert medical care right away, Prosser Memorial Hospital's emergency room is ready and willing to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

We are privileged to have a staff of highly skilled, dedicated physicians and nurses available around the clock to ensure consistent and continuous emergency care for those who need it—when they need it. We call them our real-life action heroes because of the incredible work they do every day.

What is a Level 4 Trauma Center?

Emergency departments are designated by the resources they have available to treat cases of traumatic injury. A level 4 designation means that our emergency medical staff can provide advanced life support measures that can stabilize a trauma patient enough to be transported to another facility if necessary. Having a trauma center locally dramatically increases positive outcomes in trauma patients because they are able to get lifesaving care right away, without having to wait to travel to another town or a bigger facility. 

How long can I expect to wait to be seen in the emergency room?

We value your time and understand that waiting in an emergency room for hours on end is no one's idea of a good time. For your convenience, you will find an emergency wait time counter at the top of this site, which will give you an accurate idea of how long you can expect to wait to be seen. 

What makes the pediatric emergency room "ouch-less"?

At the Prosser Memorial Hospital ED, we aim to provide as pain-free and comforting environment as possible for our pediatric patients. By utilizing techniques such as dermal glue instead of stitches, topical anesthetics instead of injectable medications, and oral medications instead of shots, we strive to create an experience that is as pain-free as possible.”  This, combined with our colorfully decorated, themed, and friendly pediatric emergency room, increases the comfort level for children while in the ED.

three smiling ER nurses

This is how we care.

Around here, caring means more than exceptional medical care at world-class facilities. Care goes beyond the doctor’s office, the hospital, or the HIPAA agreement. To us, care is personal—from the gut, and from the heart. It’s about coming together to mend spirits with personal connections every day.