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Aquatic Therapy

We harness the healing power of water to help our patients improve their strength and increase their flexibility through resistance and cardio-based activities. 

Water-Based Physical Therapy For People of All Ages

When pain due to injury or disability begins to impact your day-to-day life, physical therapy is a great treatment option. Aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy that takes place in water, where your muscles and joints do not encounter as much stress from gravity as they would on land. 

Using a heated pool and various therapy tools, you'll go through exercises intended to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and more. 

If you are suffering with any of these conditions, you might be a candidate for aquatic therapy:

  • Arthritis

  • Back Pain

  • Joint Surgery

  • Neuromuscular Disorders

  • Heart Attack & Stroke Recovery

What makes water such a great physical therapy tool?

Aquatic therapy is beneficial to people seeking physical rehabilitation in many ways. It provides low-impact cardio and resistance training that can strengthen the body without putting too much strain on it. Many people also find that the weightlessness of water helps alleviate pain during physical therapy exercises. 

What equipment is used during aquatic therapy?

The most common pieces of equipment used in water-based therapy are foam weights, which provide added resistance. Your therapist might also incorporate resistance bands, paddles, weights, and kickboards to help you achieve your therapy goals.

Can anyone participate in aquatic therapy?

While many people find aquatic therapy useful, there are some individuals who should avoid it. If you have any of the following conditions, talk to your doctor about alternatives to aquatic therapy:

  • Current or recent illness (especially fever)
  • Incontinence
  • Recent surgery or open wounds
  • Allergies to pool chemicals
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Fear of water
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